Accounting Services

Bookkeeping is a cornerstone operation in any business—whether it’s a newly-opened bakeshop or a software conglomerate. In essence, it is the bloodline of the business that is why it should be handled by licensed professionals. Accounting is very technical and trusting this difficult job to un-skilled personnel may cause a great deal of trouble in the future.

To mitigate such situations, it is paramount to entrust the accounting services that your business need only to professionals. GL, Inc. is a cooperative consisting of accountants, auditors, and bookkeepers that have at least 10 years of experience in the field. We are dedicated to address our client’s concerns regarding their books of accounts to avoid issues that they may have—today and in the future.

At GL, Inc., we are committed to providing accurate and sensible accounting services solutions tailored to suit your business. We favor to collaborate with our clients to solve problems that arise from reaching their financial goals. The combination of experience, knowledge, and accounting are our basis for you to make informed decisions.

Whatever your requirements are, it is our commitment to find a solution. Feel free to browse our site for our accounting outsourcing solutions and contact us for more information.

Is it needed for you to hire a bookkeeper? If yes, who will check if they do the job right?

Just imagine hiring somebody to do the job but you are not sure if he can do the right for you. Accounting is very technical. Letting this job done by un-skilled personnel will give you a lot of trouble especially in bookkeeping. This is where the BIR starts questioning your taxes and tax updates.

GL, Inc. is a group of people who are skilled in bookkeeping. With its people’s years of experience, concerns related to books of accounts are addressed in advance to avoid issues in the future.

We also do business registration compliances with BIR like Vat, Percentage, Withholding Taxes and Income Tax remittances; why do it yourself when with GL, Inc. you can have it done stress-free from preparation and worry-free from penalties for late filing.