Accounting Services

At GL Manila, we cater the following accounting services: Bookkeeping and Tax Compliance.



Bookkeeping is a cornerstone operation in any business. Letting this job done by unskilled personnel can give you a lot of problems in the future. GL Manila’s accountants are skilled in bookkeeping. With many years of experience, concerns related to books of accounts are addressed in advance to avoid possible problems.


Tax Compliance

We also do Tax Compliances with BIR like VAT, Percentage, Withholding Taxes, and Income Tax Remittances. With GL Manila, you can have it done with no stress, worries, and penalties for late filing.


Max. of 50 Transactions

Php 8,000

51-100 Transactions


101-150 Transactions


151-200 Transactions


Min. of 200 Transactions

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