Licenses and Certifications

Approval of business licenses and certifications in the Philippines take a lot of time and patience. It involves a lot of documents, long hours of falling in line for stamps and fees in different government agencies, and it eats precious business hours.


As a business owner, you should not go through this process. It is better to outsource this function so that you can focus more on projects that will give value for your company. At GL Inc., we are committed in bringing this service to you via a thorough and strict compliance with government requirements.


Board of Investments (BOI)

The Philippine Board of Investments (BOI), an attached agency of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is the lead government agency responsible for the promotion of investments in the Philippines. Taking the lead in the promotion of investments, BOI assists Filipino and foreign investors to venture and prosper in desirable areas of economic activities. Investors are welcome to experience the potentials of the booming Philippine Industry sectors. Profitable business opportunities abound in the food processing, construction, metal products, telecommunications, and power and infrastructure projects among others.


Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)

All business that uses or selling chemical (e.g. acetone, acetic arhydric etc) and other dangerous chemicals controlled under RA 9165 are required to register to PDEA to have a license to use and sell.


Importation Permit (Importer)

Bureau of Customs a government agency that implement a relevant technology for an efficient and effective customs management aligned with the international customs, to facilitate the import and export products and to prevent in all forms of customs fraud.



PHILEXPORT helps its members to open opportunities for their business even it is new or an established exporter in the market. Philexport strengthen the capabilities of the exporters so that they will be well positioned to have all the advantage and opportunities in the market, and to succeed in international trade.